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Closing the loop

Rethinking the future of business


Transitioning systems from linear to circular

While many of us are familiar with the 'take-make-dispose' economy of contemporary times, fewer are familiar with the more sustainable model emerging. An alternative to the wasteful and at times destructive ways of this traditional system, the circular economy aims to increase responsible consumption and inspire innovation. The circular economy is a model that seeks to create a closed-loop system across raw commodity, material and technical resource streams.

Raw commodity

This stream refers to resources gathered in a raw or natural state, such as coffee grounds, food and other organic matter.


This stream refers to resources that do not require electricity, gas or liquid fuel as an input. Examples include wood, fabric, plastic or metal products.


This stream refers to fuel-powered resources including electronics, motor vehicles, appliances and power tools.


The purpose of the circular economy

By closing the loop, we extend the lives of and draw more value from the resources, products, parts and materials we use. The challenge is to design systems that create and develop opportunities for reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling, while reducing our impact on the environment.

A step in the right direction

You might not know the first thing about managing product and asset lifecycles – and that’s okay! We’ve outlined some practices below to get you started on your circular economy journey.

Digitise what you do

Use Perfect Circles to capture your data and visualise your administrative and resource management processes.

Analyse data and workflows

With your information digitised, you can easily identify trends and opportunities to reduce waste, reuse resources and recycle products and assets at the end of the production process.

Pick a stream or product

Develop insights using data to determine and test which products and assets you can make circular and explore opportunities to do so.

Implement sustainable schemes and policies

Perfect Circles can assist you in establishing mechanisms to collect and recover products at the end of their life cycle. This may involve take-back programs, facilitating product returns, and implementing efficient reverse logistics systems.

Taking it further

Sharing and collaborative consumption

Sharing and collaborative consumption

Explore modular systems that support sharing and forming partnerships with like-minded businesses in your value chain.

Embrace remanufacturing and refurbishment

Work with manufacturers up and down stream to develop solutions and opportunities to extract more value from and extend the life of your resources.


Innovation evolves with collaboration

Engage your suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders to drive sustainability initiatives forward with data that supports evidence-based decision making.


Purposeful business in the palm of your hand

Centralised and simplified

All the information you need for informed decision making is readily available on the one platform.

See everything

Data and tracking takes the guesswork out of tracing your assets, with improved visibility at various stages of the product lifecycle.

Redefine your workflow

See each stage of your delivery in a clear and concise layout so you can make and evaluate changes instantly.

Paperless perks

Shrink your footprint as you increase your speed and profitability through digital delivery.

No space for waste

Shift your stance on spent assets by assigning new value to raw materials and by-products beyond their primary or intended uses.

Knowledge is power

The data and insights generated can help you understand where necessary adjustments to your processes are possible, and how to influence suppliers and partners.

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