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Perfect Circles fosters collaboration and drives productivity, empowering businesses to handle increased workloads with greater efficiency. Making data-driven decisions as a large-scale organisation allows you to maintain control, minimise costs, and integrate contractors and partners as part of your service delivery.

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The Perfect Circles platform gives small businesses the confidence and support needed to grow. Digitalising administrative activities means you can use data to your advantage and take your business to the next level.


Successful start-ups are intentional with their time and energy. Get organised early, supported by Perfect Circles' low-cost, high-impact platform, and you too can turn your attention to your core business activities and position yourself for growth.

For-purpose businesses

More than a forward-thinking approach to business, the Perfect Circles platform provides for-purpose businesses with a pathway towards reaching ambitious organisational goals and milestones. A tool that brings transparency and collaboration to partnerships, the Perfect Circles platform allows teams to maintain quality control and accurate reporting for seamless service delivery.


How Perfect Circles can transform businesses across various industries and resource streams


Coffee grounds repurposed



Just 1% of value is extracted from the coffee grounds when you drink your morning coffee. To date, the capacity of geographically-dispersed small-scale roasters to recover and aggregate spent coffee grounds has been hindered by council or contract waste providers’ inability to deliver these services. Additionally, the processing facilities required often call for greater volumes of waste than one local government agency can provide, resulting in negotiations across multiple waste contractors. This adds further strain to the viability of reuse or repurposing projects.



PC partnered with Illawarra-based business Daily Grind Coffee to map the distribution of coffee across the Illawarra supply chain from coffee roaster, to cafe, then the recovery from landfill. The PC system was designed specifically to manage  the gaps in the administration, transportation and coordination of the recovery process. Perfect Circles identified a number of reuse options such as the use as an additive to road base and cement, fertiliser and creation of biochar and logs. Perfect Circles is now partnering with business and local roasters to implement the circular model.

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Nappies-as-a-service model



Figures from September 2021 estimate that Australians send around 800 million disposable nappies to landfill each year. Though not unique to the nappy industry, this waste problem has resulted in product innovation and the development of circular models to reduce environmental impact.



One such development is the nappies-as-a-service model, in which cloth nappies are delivered, used and then collected to be cleaned and laundered for redistribution. This simple approach is effective in reducing waste to landfill and is increasing in popularity. Aggregation software is key to managing this business model.

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A circular solution for eWaste management



One of the most recognised circular models – refurbish, reuse and recycle – is at the forefront of eWaste management. IT Factory is an example of one tech-focused business applying this model to service an increasingly growing need for environmentally friendly IT disposal in this space. The recycling service accepts hardware including laptops and hard drives, and offers data sanitisation to protect sensitive information data. Complete with data sanitisation, their model is simple but effective, involving careful planning and execution using their reutilise, condense and recycle framework.



The aim of IT Factory’s model is to remove unwanted IT waste in a timely and cost-efficient manner. ‘Reutilising’ incentivises customers to return outdated or obsolete equipment to prevent excess manufacturing. When an entire unit cannot be refurbished and resold, ‘condensing’ is the next best outcome. This process involves dismantling equipment to recover parts that can be utilised in the repair or upgrade of other second-hand equipment. As a last resort, the ‘recycling’ component ensures the end of life of the equipment is managed responsibly and the maximum value of the device can be realised over its entire lifecycle. Over the past 10 years, IT Factory has successfully used circular principles to build a highly effective business model that is economically, socially and environmentally sound. Its success is built on its ability to leverage systems to manage and adapt to a changing environment and meet the increasing sustainability reporting requirements of the small and large businesses it services.

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“Our company collects I.T E waste from corporate business, our team collects the assets and verifies & records items through Perfect Cirles reporting mobile APP (No paper work) and syncs this information live to our Project Team in office. Once all items recorded the clients signs of the job onsite to prevent any discrepancies................very simple to use & effective, subscription model is great value for money (Not expensive at all) Onboarding workers & clients is so easy”
Robert Nahas Director - I.T Factory
“We run multiple sites across Sydney Metro area so sending our team members to different sites is as easy as dispatching jobs via PMS to mobile App makes managing sites a breeze. Our dogman & crane operators are required to conduct safety checks & onsite time sheets which is managed through the system, once our Projects are ready to invoice its all handled in one place so we can visibly see through the Dashboard our payments coming in, what’s outstanding & what’s been paid from our clients. Love it!”
Gregory Luscombe Director - G.I Cranes
“T&T Corporate Services conducted a 7 month BETA programme with Perfect Circles to iron out all the BUGS and let me tell you there was quite a few, however all bugs were reported and rectified by PC within a 24-48hr great communication and rectified with quick turn arounds responses. Our business covers Australia wide locations with a very diverse range of services and Perfect Cirlces provides our business with all the necessary technology to get jobs completed by our fieldworkers/reporting/invoicing/Dashboard/Scheduling and much more..........Our warehouses hold storage on behalf of our clientele, we record & upload all assets into the system giving customers transparency to their products with there own online access to view photos/dimensions and track where there assets are at any given time.”
Logan Lee G.M - T&T Corporate Relocations

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