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About us

Designing sustainability into business administration

Our story

More than an oxymoron

Truth is, we don’t believe in ‘perfect circles’ at all. Or perfect timing. Or even a perfect world. But when it comes to sustainability, every action counts for something. It’s the challenge that excites us and the possibilities that drive us. In our collective efforts to close the loop, real change happens with business owners like you. And we’re here to help. The best time to make a move is always right now.

Our mission

Action over perfection

Our actions as individuals may seem inconsequential but in the company of like minded people we can make a real difference. We’re building a future where SMEs come together to view business operations as opportunities for change. While innovation makes progress possible, a sense of community is essential to the work we do. The Perfect Circles platform provides the tools and support needed to make the transition more manageable, reducing the barriers to participate in the circular economy.

Our history

Shared frustrations foster innovation

Founders Tristram and Steve have extensive experience working with SMEs across public and private sectors. Brought together by a shared passion for innovation, Perfect Circles is the culmination of their complementary backgrounds across logistics, sustainability, energy and climate change.

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